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器件名称: X0202MN-2BL2
功能描述: 1.25A SCRs
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简  介: X02 Series 1.25A SCRs SENSITIVE MAIN FEATURES: Symbol IT(RMS) VDRM/VRRM IGT Value 1.25 600 and 800 50 to 200 Unit A V A G A K DESCRIPTION Thanks to highly sensitive triggering levels, the X02 SCR series is suitable for all applications where the available gate current is limited, such as ground fault circuit interruptors, overvoltage crowbar protection in low power supplies, capacitive ignition circuits, ... Available in though-hole or surface-mount packages, these devices are optimized in forward voltage drop and inrush current capabilities, for reduced power losses and high reliability in harsh environments. TO-92 (X02xxA) SOT-223 (X02xxN) ABSOLUTE RATINGS (limiting values) Symbol IT(RMS) RMS on-state current (180° conduction angle) Average on-state current (180° conduction angle) Non repetitive surge peak on-state current It Value for fusing Critical rate of rise of on-state current IG = 2 x IGT , tr ≤ 100 ns Peak gate current Average gate power dissipation Storage junction temperature range Operating junction temperature range Parameter TO-92 SOT-223 TO-92 SOT-223 tp = 8.3 ms tp = 10 ms tp = 10 ms F = 60 Hz tp = 20 s Tj = 25°C Tj = 125°C Tj = 125°C Tj = 125°C TI = 55°C Ttab = 95°C TI = 55°C 0.8 Ttab = 95°C Tj = 25°C 25 22.5 2.5 50 1.2 0.2 - 40 to + 150 - 40 to + 125 A2S A/s A W °C A A 1.25 A Value Unit IT(AV) ITSM I t dI/dt IGM PG(AV) Tstg Tj September 2000 - Ed: 3 1/6 X02 Series ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tj = 25°C, unless otherwise specified) X02xx Sym……
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