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器件名称: TM3001
功能描述: DC~3GHz GaAs MMIC SPDT Switch
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生产厂商: TM
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简  介:TM3001 General Description GaAs MMIC SPDT Switch DC – 3GHz The TM3001 is a GaAs MMIC SPDT switch in a SOT-363 6 lead plastic package. The TM3001 features low insertion loss and positive voltage operation with low DC power consumption. Typical applications are for the variety of analog and digital wireless communication systems. Features Insertion Loss: 0.4dB @ 2.5GHz z P–1dB: +30dBm Typical @ +3V z IIP3: 55dBm @ Input Power up to 20dBm z Good Reliability Performance z SOT-363 6 Lead Plastic Package z T/R Switches in 802.11b, g WLAN Systems z Function Block Diagram C2 C1 RF2 1 6 VC2 GND 2 5 C1 RFC C1 RF1 3 4 C2 Application WLAN Mobile Phone z Bluetooth z DECT z PHS z GPS z z DC blocking capacitors C1 are required on all RF ports. C1=56pF , C2=1000pF for operation >500MHz VC1 Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Switch Control VC1 , VC2 RF input Power (>500MHz) Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Note │VC1-VC2│ 6.0V Value -6.0 to +6.0 Note Unit V dBm J J 33 -40 to +85 -65 to +150 Notes: 1. Operation of this device in excess of any maximum rating as specified above may cause permanent damage to the device. 2. Caution ! ESD Sensitive Device. Taiwan Microelectronics Technologies Inc reserves the right to change products and specifications without notice. Before using the document, please confirm that this is the latest version. The information does not convey any license under rights of Taiwan Microelectronics Technologies Inc. TEL: +886-3-577-1098, FAX……
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TM3001 DC~3GHz GaAs MMIC SPDT Switch TM
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