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器件名称: TM1010
功能描述: 2.4GHz fornt-end GaAs HBT IC with PA & LNA, 3x3mm, QFN-6.
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生产厂商: TM
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简  介:TM1010 General Description 2.4-2.5GHz RF Front-End IC The TM1010 is a fornt-end IC and uses an advanced Gallium Arsenide Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (GaAs HBT) process. The front-end consists of a Power Amplifier (PA) and Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA). This device makes it ideal for IEEE 802.11.b/g, Bluetooth, Wireless Data Terminal and portable battery powered equipment. The PA delivers +23dBm (maximum) output power with a high Power Added Efficiency (PAE) 41%. The noise figure of LNA is below 2dB in the 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz range. The device is packaged in a QFN 3mm by 3mm 16L package. Features High Efficient Power Amplifier: 41% at Pout = 23dBm Low-Noise Amplifier (NF typical 1.8dB) QFN 3x3 mm 16L with thermal ground ultra small plastic package Green MSL 1 Functional Block Diagram N/C VCC1 N/C N/C PA IN PA OUT / VCC2 N/C Control Circuit N/C PA OUT N/C LNA IN LNA OUT Applications Bluetooth PA (Class 1) Wireless Data Terminal Wireless Audio Portable Battery Powered Equipment Vpd VCC3 Vctrl Vapc Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter VCC1, VCC2 and VCC3 Supply Voltage Vctrl, Vpd and Vpd Control Voltage PA and LNA Input Power Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Power Supply Current Maximum Rating 0 to 6 0 to 6 +5 -40 to +85 -55 to +150 350 Unit V V dBm o C o C mA Notes: 1. Operation of this device in excess of any maximum rating as specified above may cause permanent damage to the device. 2. Caution! ESD Sensitive Device. Taiwan Microelectronics Technolog……
器件名 功能描述 生产厂商
TM1010 2.4GHz fornt-end GaAs HBT IC with PA & LNA, 3x3mm, QFN-6. TM
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