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器件名称: TPS7A4001
功能描述: 线性稳压器
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生产厂商: TI
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简  介:TPS7A4001 SBVS162A – MARCH 2011 – REVISED MARCH 2011 100V Input Voltage, 50mA, Very High Voltage LINEAR REGULATOR Check for Samples: TPS7A4001 1 FEATURES Very High Maximum Input Voltage: 100V Wide Input Voltage Range: 7V to 100V Accuracy: – Nominal: 1% – Over Line, Load, and Temperature: 2.5% Low Quiescent Current: 25A Quiescent Current at Shutdown: 4.1A Maximum Output Current: 50mA CMOS Logic-Level-Compatible Enable Pin Adjustable Output Voltage from ~1.175V to 90V Stable with Ceramic Capacitors: – Input Capacitance: ≥ 1F – Output Capacitance: ≥ 4.7F Dropout Voltage: 290mV Built-In Current-Limit and Thermal Shutdown Protection Package: High Thermal Performance MSOP-8 PowerPAD Operating Temperature Range: –40°C to +125°C DESCRIPTION The TPS7A4001 is a very high voltage-tolerant linear regulator that offers the benefits of a thermally-enhanced package (MSOP-8), and is able to withstand continuous dc or transient input voltages of up to 100V. The TPS7A4001 is stable with any output capacitance greater than 4.7F and any input capacitance greater than 1F (over temperature and tolerance). Therefore, implementations of this device require minimal board space because of its miniaturized packaging (MSOP-8) and a potentially small output capacitor. In addition, the TPS7A4001 offers an enable pin (EN) compatible with standard CMOS logic to enable a low-current shutdown mode. The TPS7A4001 has an internal thermal shutdown and current limiting to protect the system during f……
器件名 功能描述 生产厂商
TPS7A4001 线性稳压器 TI
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