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器件名称: X0202-TO-92
功能描述: SCR
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生产厂商: UTC
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简  介:UTC X0202/A SENSITIVE SCRs DESCRIPTION The X0202/A SCR series is suitable for all applications where the available gate current is limited, such as ground fault circuit interruptors, overvoltage crowbar protection in low power supplies, capacitive ignition circuit,…… 1 SCR FEATURES: *IT(RMS) : 1.25A *VDRM/VRRM :600/800V TO-92 1:CATHODE 2:GATE 3:ANODE ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (unless otherwise specified ) PARAMETERS Peak Repetitive Forward and Reverse Blocking Voltage (Tj=110°C, RGK=1k) X0202 X0202A RMS On-State Current (TI=55°C) 180°C conduction angle Average On-State Current (TI=55°C) 180°C conduction angle Non Repetitive Surge Peak on-state Current (tp=8.3ms Tj=25°C) Non Repetitive Surge Peak on-state Current (tp=10ms Tj=25°C) I t Value for fusing (tp=10ms Tj=25°C) Critical Rate Of Rise Of On-state Current IG=2*IGT,tr≤100ns, f=60Hz, Tj=125°C Peak Gate Current (p=20s Tj=125°C) Average Gate Power Dissipation (Tj=125°C) Storage Junction Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature Range SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT VDRM, VRRM IT(RMS) IT(AV) ITSM ITSM It dI/dt IGM PG(AV) Tstg Tj 600 800 1.25 0.8 25 22.5 2.5 50 1.2 0.2 -40~150 -40~125 V A A A A A2S A/s A W °C °C UTC UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD 1 QW-R301-005,A UTC X0202/A ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(Tj=25°C, unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER Peak Forward or Reverse Blocking Current Tj =25°C Tj =125°C Peak Forward On-State Voltage Gate Trigger Current Gate Trigger Voltage Gate Non-Trigger Voltage Holding Curren……
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