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器件名称: X0202-AA3-R
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生产厂商: UTC
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简  介:UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD X0202/A SENSITIVE SCRS DESCRIPTION SCR The UTC X0202/A SCR series is suitable for all applications where the available gate current is limited, such as ground fault circuit interruptors, overvoltage crowbar protection in low power supplies, capacitive ignition circuit, ……. FEATURES * IT(RMS) : 1.25A * VDRM/VRRM :600/800V *Pb-free plating product number: X0202L/X0202AL ORDERING INFORMATION Pin Assignment 1 2 3 K A G K G A K G A K G A K A G K G A K G A K G A Packing Tape Reel Tape Box Bulk Tape Reel Tape Reel Tape Box Bulk Tape Reel Ordering Number Package Normal Lead Free Plating X0202-AA3-R X0202L-AA3-R SOT-223 X0202-T92-B X0202L-T92-B TO-92 X0202-T92-K X0202L-T92-K TO-92 X0202-T92-R X0202L-T92-R TO-92 X0202A-AA3-R X0202AL-AA3-R SOT-223 X0202A-T92-B X0202AL-T92-B TO-92 X0202A-T92-K X0202AL-T92-K TO-92 X0202A-T92-R X0202AL-T92-R TO-92 Note: Pin Assignment: G: Gate A: Anode K: Cathode Copyright 200 Unisonic Technologies Co., Ltd 1 of 5 QW-R301-006.B X0202/A ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (unless otherwise specified) SCR PARAMETERS SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT Peak Repetitive Forward and Reverse Blocking Voltage X0202 600 V VDRM, VRRM (TJ=110℃, RGK=1k) 800 V X0202A RMS On-State Current (Ttab=95℃) IT(RMS) 1.25 A 180℃ Conduction Angle Average On-State Current (Ttab=95℃) IT(AV) 0.8 A 180℃ Conduction Angle Non Repetitive Surge Peak on-State Current 25 A ITSM (tp=8.3ms TJ=25℃) Non Repetitive Surge Peak on-State Current 22.5 A IT……
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