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器件名称: V040K033T060
功能描述: VI Chip - PRM-AL Pre-regulator Module
文件大小: 544.08KB    共15页
生产厂商: VICOR
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简  介:PRELIMINARY PRM VI Chip – PRM-AL Pre-Regulator Module TM P048K048T24AL K indicates BGA configuration. For other mounting options see Part Numbering on Page 2. 48 V input VI Chip PRM Vin range 36 – 75 Vdc High density – 1000 W/in3 Small footprint – 250 W/in2 Low weight – 0.5 oz (14 g) Adaptive Loop feedback ZVS buck-boost regulator 1.5 MHz switching frequency 96% Efficiency 125C operation Vin = 36 – 75 V Vf = 26 – 55 V Pf = 240 W If = 5 A Actual size Product Description The VI Chip Pre-Regulator Module (PRM) is a very efficient non-isolated regulator capable of both boosting and bucking a wide range input voltage. It is specifically designed to provide a controlled Factorized Bus distribution voltage for powering downstream VI Chip Voltage Transformation Modules (VTMs) — fast, efficient, isolated low noise Point-of-Load (POL) converters. In combination, PRMs and VTMs form a complete DC-DC converter subsystem offering all of the unique benefits of Vicor’s Factorized Power Architecture (FPA): high density and efficiency; low noise operation; architectural flexibility; extremely fast transient response; and elimination of bulk capacitance at the Point-of-Load (POL). In FPA systems, the POL voltage is the product of the Factorized Bus voltage delivered by a PRM and the "K-factor" (the fixed voltage transformation ratio) of a downstream VTM. The PRM controls the Factorized Bus voltage to provide regulation at the POL. Because VTMs perform true voltage division and ……
器件名 功能描述 生产厂商
V040K033T060 VI Chip - PRM-AL Pre-regulator Module VICOR
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