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器件名称: TLDCM1513-2-301TF
功能描述: 1513 300R 15A
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生产厂商: ASI
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简  介:TLDCM1513-2-301TF DC COMMON MODE FILTER GENERALS This specification covers the engineering requirements for the (DC Common Mode Filter) TLDCM1513-2-301TF FEATURES A chip-type common mode filter for large current applications. Common mode impedance surpasses 300 : at 100MHz. Noise is greatly suppressed. Capable of handling the highest current (up to 15.0A) of any chip-type common mode filter. Height and size have been considered, resulting in a compact and light-weight choke coil. Applicable for the miniaturization required to reduce the size and weight of portable equipment. The products contain no lead and also support lead-free soldering. This product does not contain regulated substances that are slated to be included in RoHS. APPLICATIONS Used for power line noise suppression for any electronic devices Used to counter adapter/battery line noise for relatively large electronic devices such as notebook PCs, stand-alone word processors, etc Operating Storage(After mount) 125°C –40 to +125°C –40 to o +125°C G Number of Lines : 2 Impedance : 301=300Ω Packing :Tape & Reel Hazardous Substance Free Products : F ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Part No. Impedance (:)[at 100MHz] DC resistance (m:)max. Rated current Idc(A)max. Rated Voltage (v)max. Insulation resistance (M:)min. 韬 TLDCM1513-2-301TF 略 External Dimensions (L×W) (mm) :15.0×13.0mm 科 0R15 0 TLDCM 1513 -2 - 301 T F ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ Type:TLDCM 6\VWHP WHP 3DUW 1XPEHU 6\ 300(typ) 技 -E MC 方 TEMPERATURE RA……
器件名 功能描述 生产厂商
TLDCM1513-2-301TF 1513 300R 15A ASI
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