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器件名称: SSDCI1108AF
功能描述: 展频IC 1108规格书
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生产厂商: ASI
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简  介:Spectrum Device SSDCI1108AF Spread Spectrum Clock Generator SSDCI1108AF ■ DESCRIPTION SSDCI1108AF is a clock generator for EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) reduction. The peak of unnecessary (EMI) can be attenuated by making the oscillation frequency slightly modulate periodically with the internal modulator. SSDCI1108AF accepts an input clock either from a fundamental Crystal or from an external reference and locks on to it delivering a 1x modulated clock output. ■ FEATURE Power down pin : 50 PA (Max) consumption current at power down Input frequency : 12.0 MHz to 55.0 MHz Output frequency : 12.0 MHz to 55.0 MHz (One-fold input frequency) Analog Spreading Range Selection Modulation clock output Duty : 45% to 55% Modulation clock Cycle-Cycle Jitter : Less than 250 ps Power supply voltage : 2.5V--3.3 V Package : 8-pin TDFN Operating temperature : ﹣ 40 ℃ to ﹢85 ℃ ■ Application SSDCI1108AF is targeted for consumer electronics application such as MFP, STB, DSC, MID,HDMI,LCD panel Camcorder,and other timing sensitive analog video imaging applications Applications of HDMI, RJ45 port has good compatibility 1/13 Spectrum Device ■ BLOCK DIAGRAM VDD SSDCI1108AF 8 XIN / CKIN 1 Clock input Clock out CKOUT 2 Spread Spectrum ON/OFF SSON 3 ADS 7 PLL block Modulation clock output 5 ModOUT Analog Spreading Range setting Modulation Rate MR 6 Select 4 GND 1 M Phase compare Charge pump V/I conversion Frequency setting IDAC ICO Refere……
器件名 功能描述 生产厂商
SSDCI1108AF 展频IC 1108规格书 ASI
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