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器件名称: TLDCM7035-2-501TF
功能描述: 大电流共模滤波器
文件大小: 623.68KB    共3页
生产厂商: ASI
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简  介:TLDCM7035-2-501TF DC COMMON MODE FILTER GENERALS This specification covers the engineering requirements for the (DC Common Mode Filter) TLDCM7035-2-501TF FEATURES A chip-type common mode filter for large current applications. Common mode impedance surpasses 500 : at 100MHz. Noise is greatly suppressed. Capable of handling the highest current (up to 4.0A) of any chiptype common mode filter. Height and size have been considered, resulting in a compact and light-weight choke coil. Applicable for the miniaturization required to reduce the size and weight of portable equipment. The products contain no lead and also support lead-free soldering. Operating Storage(After mount) 125°C –40 to +125°C –40 to o +125°C G TLDCM 7035 韬 6\VWHP WHP 3DUW 1XPEHU 6\ -2 -5 -501 T F Type:TLDCM External Dimensions (L×H) (mm) 7.0mmX3.5mm Number of Lines : 2 Impedance : 501=500 Packing : Tape & Reel Hazardous Substance Free Products : F ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Part No. TLDCM7035-2-501TF Impedance (:)[at 100MHz] DC resistance (m:)max. Rated current Idc(A)max. Rated Voltage (v)max. Insulation resistance (M:)min. 略 0R15 0 科 技 -E TEMPERATURE RANGES MC Used for power line noise suppression for any electronic ctronic onic dev devices elatively atively la Used to counter adapter/battery line noise for relatively large elecalone one word wo procestronic devices such as notebook PCs, stand-alone sors, etc 方 案 的 4.0 APPLICATIONS 最 80 This product does not contain regul……
器件名 功能描述 生产厂商
TLDCM7035-2-501TF 大电流共模滤波器 ASI
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