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DME 660

器件名称: DME 660
功能描述: DME-660是一个3D-TOF距离测量传感器。分辨率为320x240(QVGA)。
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生产厂商: EPCOS
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简  介:DATASHEET – DME 660-94/10m Distance measurement camera engine General Description The DME 660 is a standalone 3D-TOF Distance Measurement Camera with a resolution of 320x240 pixel (QVGA). It is a highly integrated camera system with a wide field of view (FOV). The operating range is up to 10m on white objects. The camera system is a combination of a epc660 sensor board including a lens system, an LED illumination board and a BeagleBone Black host controller board. Even for mobile devices, only a few additional components are needed to integrate this 3D camera, e.g. a housing. The host controller operates the epc660 in all available operation modes and reads the distance values over the TCMI communication. The controller reads the imager data, applies calibration and compensation algorithms and delivers the results to an external computer via its integrated API. It is also possible to operate the DME 660 as a standalone sensor system. In this case, application software can be downloaded and run on the BeagleBone Black board also by using the full software framework like the operating system and the 3D-TOF API. 65 full frame TOF images are delivered by the epc660 camera chip in maximal configuration. By using the advanced operation modes, this can be boosted up to more than 1'000 TOF images per second! The high degree of integration lays base for straight-forward system integration with minimal part count. The extremely high sensitivity of the optical front end allows to opera……
器件名 功能描述 生产厂商
DME 660 DME-660是一个3D-TOF距离测量传感器。分辨率为320x240(QVGA)。 EPCOS
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