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器件名称: ITS42008-SB-D
功能描述: Smart Octal High-side NMOS-Power Switch
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简  介:ITS42008-SB-D Smart Octal High-Side NMOS-Power Switch Data Sheet Rev 1.01, 2014-05-19 Standard Power Smart Octal High-Side NMOS-Power Switch ITS42008-SB-D 1 Features Overview Programmable Input thresholds: CMOS or VS / 2 Switching all types of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads Fast demagnetization of inductive loads Very low standby current Optimized Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Constant current source diagnostic output for overtemperature Overload protection Undervoltage shutdown with hysteresis Current limitation Short circuit protection Thermal shutdown with restart Overvoltage protection (including load dump) Reverse battery protection with external resistor Loss of GND and loss of Vbb protection Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESD) Green Product (RoHS compliant) PG-DSO-36 ITS42008-SB-D is not qualified and manufactured according to the requirements of Infineon Technologies with regards to automotive and/or transportation applications. Description The ITS42008-SB-D is a protected 200m Smart Octal High-Side NMOS-Power Switch in a PG-DSO-36 power package with charge pump, CMOS or supply-rationmetric compatible input and constant current diagnostic feedback indicating overtemperature of the device. Product Summary Overvoltage protection VSAZmin= 47V Operating voltage range: 11V < VS< 45V On-state resistance RDSON = typ 150m Operating Temperature range: Tj = -25°C to 125°C Application All types of resistive, inductive and capa……
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ITS42008-SB-D Smart Octal High-side NMOS-Power Switch INFINEON
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