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器件名称: V040F033T060
功能描述: VI Chip - PRM-AL Pre-Regulator Module
文件大小: 637.6KB    共14页
生产厂商: VICOR
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简  介:PRELIMINARY PRM VI Chip – PRM-AL Pre-Regulator Module TM P048F048T12AL 48 V input VI Chip PRM Vin range 36 – 75 Vdc High density – 438 W/in3 Small footprint – 110 W/in2 Low weight – 0.5 oz (14 g) Adaptive Loop feedback ZVS buck-boost regulator 1.5 MHz switching frequency 96% Efficiency 125C operation Vin = 36 – 75 V Vf = 26 – 55 V Pf = 120 W If = 2.5 A Actual size Product Description The VI Chip Pre-Regulator Module (PRM) is a very efficient non-isolated regulator capable of both boosting and bucking a wide range input voltage. It is specifically designed to provide a controlled Factorized Bus distribution voltage for powering downstream VI Chip Voltage Transformation Modules (VTMs) — fast, efficient, isolated, low noise Point-of-Load (POL) converters. In combination, PRMs and VTMs form a complete DC-DC converter subsystem offering all of the unique benefits of Vicor’s Factorized Power Architecture (FPA): high density and efficiency; low noise operation; architectural flexibility; extremely fast transient response; and elimination of bulk capacitance at the Point-of-Load (POL). In FPA systems, the POL voltage is the product of the Factorized Bus voltage delivered by the PRM and the "K-factor" (the fixed voltage transformation ratio) of a downstream VTM. The PRM controls the Factorized Bus voltage to provide regulation at the POL. Because VTMs perform true voltage division and current multiplication, the Factorized Bus voltage may be set to a value that is sub……
器件名 功能描述 生产厂商
V040F033T060 VI Chip - PRM-AL Pre-Regulator Module VICOR
V040F033T060 VI Chip - PRM-AL Pre-Regulator Module VICOR
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