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器件名称: U05B4B48
功能描述: Silicon Diffused Type Rectifier Stack
文件大小: 298.39KB    共2页
生产厂商: GOOD-ARK
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简  介:U05(B, G, J)4B48 Silicon Diffused Type Rectifier Stack Reverse Voltage 100 to 600 Volts Forward Current 0.5 Ampere Features Single phase bridge rectifier applications. - Repetitive peak reverse voltage : VRRM=100~600V - Average output rectified current : Io=0.5A (Ta=30oC) Maximum Ratings Characteristic U05B4B48 Repetitive peak reverse voltage U05G4B48 U05J4B48 Average output rectified current (Ta=30oC) Peak one cycle surge forward current (Non Repetitive) Junction temperature Storge temperature range IO IFSM TJ TSTG VRRM Symbol Ratings 100 400 600 0.5 0.8 * 30 (50Hz) 33 (60Hz) -40 to +150 -40 to +150 Amp Amps o Unit Volts C C o Electrical Characteristics Characteristic Peak forward voltage Repetitive peak reverse current Thermal resistance (Junction to Ambient) * On alumina substrate. (Ta=25oC) Symbol V FM IRRM Rth(j-a) Test condition IFM=0.4A VRRM=Rated DC Min. Typ. Max. 1.0 10 130 75 * o Unit Volt uA C/W 415 RATINGS AND CHARACTERISTIC CURVES 416 ……
器件名 功能描述 生产厂商
U05B4B48 Silicon Diffused Type Rectifier Stack GOOD-ARK
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